Welcome to Independence Academy

Providing an opportunity for students to break free from addiction and dependence and discover their true potential

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Our small class size offers classes that encourage students to be highly motivated

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Providing recovery programming and education that is interwoven into the daily routine

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Our Mission

To engage students struggling with substance use in a process of change through which they improve their health and wellness, live self-directed lives, and strive to reach their full potential


Independence Academy supports a culture of recovery by providing recovery programming and education


Our curriculum’s primary responsibility is to educate its students to communicate effectively in society


Our Wellness Education Program is designed to support students’ development of lifelong “mind/body rituals”

What We Do at Independence Academy

Independence Academy is an alternative multi-service secondary school serving adolescents with issues related to substance use and dependence. In addition to offering a full rigorous academic program leading to high school graduation, Independence Academy offers numerous service components that supports a student’s commitment to recovery and healthy living, including an on-site recovery counselor, recovery support groups, health and wellness curriculum and activities, partnerships with Old Colony YMCA, and Massasoit Community College as well as other community service agencies.

Who We Serve

High school students with a commitment and desire to remain clean and sober who have been diagnosed with substance abuse or dependence or who have been identified by community professionals as having substance abuse or dependence issues.

Our Goal

To provide high school students in Southeastern Massachusetts, who are struggling with issues associated with substance use, the opportunity to break free from addiction and dependence and discover their true potential by providing a school that simultaneously focuses on high academic expectations, while also creating a culture that allows them to engage in the process of recovery.

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Latest News

Class of 2016 Graduation

On Friday, September 9th, four students participated in the graduation ceremony as members of Independence Academy’s class of 2016. Two students had attended IA for a considerable amount of time and transferred back to their sending districts...

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